12 Minutes LIVE (2013-2023)

Mathias Müller directing 12 Minutes LIVE with Duo Hofmaninger/Schwarz
Yours Truly Directing 12 Minutes LIVE with Duo Hofmaninger/Schwarz (Photo: Irene Grabherr)

Within the framework of "12 Minutes LIVE", bands or individual artists are to be given the opportunity to present their music and themselves within a live broadcasting time of 12 minutes. The OKTO studio with all its technical facilities (control room, cameras, lighting, sound and, of course, the LIVE connection to the OKTO broadcasting line) is more than suitable as the venue for the event. Through a minimalistic studio decoration, the band/artist is the focus of their live performance. 12 minutes is also a time span in which the artist/band is forced not only to play their "hits" but also to present their work comprehensively.


Tags: #live #music #show #bands #sound

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