Yamaha HS80M Dust Cap Replacement

Alright, so a couple of months ago, somebody broke the dust cap on one of my trusty Yamaha HS80M studio monitors. That resulted in the speaker making a very terrible noise when playing certain frequencies. So, I decided to just 3D print a new dust cap and it was easier that I thought it would be. All necessary files can be downloaded below or on my Thingiverse page. If you decide to use my 3D model, please drop me a line! :)

Yamaha HS80M speaker with broken dust cap
The broken dust cap. Looking bad and sounding bad.

removing the broken dust cap on a Yamaha HS80M speaker
Carefully removing the broken cap using a stanley knife.

Yamaha HS80M speaker without dust cap
This is what the speaker looks like without the cap.

measuring a Yamaha HS80M speakers broken dust cap
The next step was to tape the broken cap together and measure it.

recreating the broken dust cap in FreeCAD
I used FreeCAD to create the 3D model

recreating the broken dust cap in FreeCAD
FreeCAD again ...

preparing to print the dust cap in Prusa Slicer
... and finally preparing to print in Prusa Slicer.

3d printing the new dust cap
Printing the Cap on my Ender 3 Pro.

comparing the old and the new dust caps
Old vs New. Pretty impressive, don't you think?

the new 3d printed dust cap is glued to the speaker
Glueing the new dust cap to the speaker.

the new 3d printed dust cap is glued to the speaker (closeup)
... and finally, the speaker is working again! Wohoo!

This is the link to my Thingiverse page: https://thingiverse.com/mmathias-com/designs

Locations: Vienna, Austria
Tags: #yamaha #hs80m #dustcap #3dprinting #ender #freecad #prusaslicer

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