VJ Decaf (2006-)

For over a decade, VJ Decaf has been delivering an unparalleled experience to audiences through the art of video. With a unique approach to visual storytelling, VJ Decaf has been creating captivating video art that transports viewers to another world and immerses them in a mesmerizing visual journey. Whether for concerts, festivals, or events, VJ Decaf has consistently been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge and innovative visual experiences since 2006.

GBMC @ Ars Electronica Festival 2011 Linz, VJ Decaf on the Ars Electronica Center (c) Elektronaut

a flyer announcing a live show in 2007
VJ Decaf With Senf @Fluc

a band on a small stage, a musician playing the guitar

three empty chairs on a stage

a photo of a screen showing video effects
A Very Early Version Of viejay, My Self-Made VJ Software

a photo of a screen showing video previews
A More Recent Version Of viejay, My Self-Made VJ Software

Tags: #visual art #video art

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